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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exciting Changes Coming To Walt Disney World

EPCOT Center's future world at night
What does Disney's future have in store for us?
It's got to be tough to be Disney. They set the bar very high nearly 60 years ago when they opened Disneyland in California and improved upon that theme park when they opened the doors to Walt Disney World in 1972. Because of those huge successes, people expect them to always be the best.

Both of the Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando are more than giving Disney a run for their money when it comes to ride innovation and even Sea World has come up with a few attractions in the past few years that many would argue are as good as many things at Walt Disney World.

Of course, Disney didn't build their reputation on having the fastest or most hair raising rides. They set the standard by building their amusement parks around a theme and then used never before seen technology to create "Disney Magic." Although they may not seem to have the technological edge they once had, it doesn't mean that they aren't working on some really exciting things that are guaranteed to bring families new and old to their parks in record numbers.

In an article recently published on Theme Park Insider, Robert Niles wrote an excellent piece about the things we can all look forward to at the Disney parks - PEP TALK: Why it's like Christmas Eve for Disney theme park fans. Not only is it a great sneak peek at what to expect in the coming years, it truly is a great, fun read!

Star Wars

Disney already has the very popular Star Tours Ride at Hollywood Studios and features Star Wars Weekends at the park, as well. Disney owns the rights to the Star Wars movies and with three new movies in the works, Robert points out that Disney already has plans to create an entire Star Wars themed land in Hollywood Studios.


The movie, Avatar, was, by far, the highest grossing film all-time and Disney owns the rights to that, too. Plans are in the works to build a "real world" version of that with "World of Pandora" Land in the Animal Kingdom. Rumor has it that this section of the park will have a 3D simulator ride similar to EPCOT's "Soarin" ride.


The most popular Disney animated film of all time was Frozen and Disney sure hasn't forgotten that fact. Plans for a ride based upon the popular animated movie are in the works but no firm decision has been announced about which park it will end up being placed in.

Is There More?

Robert speculates that Disney sure can't let a movie as popular as Guardians of the Galaxy go to waste. Since Universal owns the rights to all of the other Marvel character rides, Disney definitely might want to cash in on its own highly successful Marvel comics movie.

He also points out that Disney has a few Pixar movies it could be building attractions for, as well. Upcoming Pixar movies Inside Out, Finding Dory and The Good Dinosaur could all end up with an attraction at one of Disney's theme parks.

Robert also discusses "Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!" which just started last month in Disneyland. Who knows what the future holds for this massive, multi-player role playing game, but it could be a revolutionary knew innovation that spreads to Disney's other parks.

Give Robert's Article a Read!

Admittedly, I don't praise other authors nearly as often as I should; there's definitely some great stuff being written out there. I literally read over 300 articles a week on a variety of subjects from some very good writers.

Robert's article was one of those rare ones that really hits the mark on every count. It's very informative, written from a perspective that everyone can relate to and, I'll say it, it has that special "magic" that makes you hopeful and eager for the future - especially if you're a Disney theme park fan. Give his article a read. I think you'll agree!

Florida Travel Sleuth Quote of the Day: "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney

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