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Thursday, December 4, 2014

ZOOm Air Adventure Park - A Bird's Eye View at the Central Florida Zoo

ZOOm Air Adventure Park - photos courtesy of zoomair.us
One of the most fun things to do at the zoo is watching the monkeys swing from tree to tree. "Why let the monkeys have all the fun?" says American Car Rental's Nariusky. Whenever she wants to let loose her wild, untamed side, she heads to ZOOm Air Adventure Park.

Located within the forest of the blackwater floodplain swamp at the Central Florida Zoo, ZOOm Air Adventure Park gives visitors an opportunity to test their strength, balance and resolve.

Treetop adventures of varying difficulty levels are available at ZOOm Air and are popular with individuals, families and companies who use the park for team building exercises. In addition to several zip lines, activities encountered during each adventure course may include swinging or rope bridges, tight wires, barrel crawls, T-bars, dancing logs and "spider web" crawls.

The Upland Course (54 inch minimum height requirement)

The Upland Course allows you to gradually accustom yourself to heights, eventually progressing to activities 35 feet above the ground. For folks who decide that is a bit too high, the course offers alternative routes that keep you closer to terra firma. With four different zip lines and 30 different activities, you're sure to use every muscle in your body to complete the course - often times with muscles you never knew you had!

At an estimated completion time of an hour and a half, the Upland Course certainly is a lengthy challenge. Fortunately, there is a zip line at the halfway point that takes you back to the ground, giving you a chance to visit the restroom or grab a drink of water before continuing on with the rest of the course.

The Rainforest Course (54 inch minimum height requirement)

Although "only" an hour in estimated duration, the Rainforest Course may be a shorter course than the Upland Course but it is is even more of a challenge. In fact, Zoom Air will not let you even attempt the course until you have established that you can cope with the upper heights and challenges of the Upland Course. You can only do the Rainforest Course the same day you have completed the Upland Course!

There are 30 different challenges within the Rainforest Course and a total of five zip lines, including two ultra long 500 foot ones at the beginning and end of the course. For folks who'd like to experience only the 500 foot zip lines after completing the Upland Course, a special Big Zips add-on can be purchased.

Kids' Course (ages 4 and up, 36-60 inches in height)

Really, two courses in one, ZOOm Air Adventure Park's Kids' Course allows children age 4 and above to participate in their own eco and fitness adventure. With their parent walking alongside them, below, children first progress through the kids' version of the Upland Course, challenging themselves with activities that are only four feet from the ground. The Kids' Upland Course finishes with a very low zip line.

After completing the Kids' Uplands course, they continue onto the Jungle portion of the course. There is a challenge waiting behind every tree on the Jungle Course, which features many ground games as well as tests that take place up to ten feet off the ground, finishing with a zip line swing.

All depending on a child's age, ability and determination, the entire Kids' Course takes from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete.


I should definitely point out that safety is a priority at ZOOm Air Adventure Park. Before being admitted to the course, all participants are given thorough instructions on how to safely proceed through each activity and use the equipment. At no time are individuals ever in any real danger; two slings are clipped to a "red life line" that ensure that you will never plummet to the earth in the event that you fall during your adventure.

In addition to the safety equipment provided, ZOOm Air staff on the ground are always monitoring the progress of each participant and are available to assist you in the event that you have any questions or concerns along the way. If at any point during their journey, an individual decides that they simply cannot go any further, specially trained ZOOm Air staff are at the ready to get that person safely to the ground.

Although by no means do you have to be an athlete to complete one of the courses, you do need to be in decent physical condition, free from injuries, have the use of both arms and legs and the ability to walk and balance reasonably well. You will need good vision and hearing and if you wear eyeglasses, you should definitely wear a strap that keeps them secured to your face.

Prices & Hours

ZOOm Air Adventure Park opens at 9:00 am every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas and their closing time varies by season, all depending when dusk is. Generally speaking, they stop admitting people about three hours before it gets dark so that everyone can complete both courses if they choose to.

Kid's Course: $18.25
     - second round on kids course: $11.95
Upland Course: $28.25
     - add Big Zips after Upland: $13.95
Upland & Rainforest Course: $48.25
Family Pack (Upland & Rainforest for 4 people): $149.95

Annual Pass: $175.00
Kids Course Annual Pass: $125.00

If you want additional information or would like to book a large group event, you can contact Zoom Air Adventure Park at 407-330-0767 or visit their website.

Florida Travel Sleuth Quote of the Day: "It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves." - Andre Gide